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    Introducing Pink Fused Alumina from RUISHI

Pink Fused Alumina and Ruby Fused Alumina are created by adding chromium oxide to aluminum oxide during a fusion process, resulting in pink and ruby colors.
• The amount of chromium oxide impacts the color of the final product.
• Increased additions of chromium oxide leads to an increased toughness of the grain.
• Our Pink Fused Alumina has excellent crystallinity, pure color, low impurity, well-distributed particle size composition, low magnetic substance content, high bulk density, and high toughness.

Pink Fused Alumina
Pink Fused Alumina

Specification Sheet for the Pink Fused Alumina

Pink Fused Alumina (Low Chromium)
GritAl2O3 (%)Cr2O3(%)Na2O (%)Fe2O3 (%)
Pink Fused Alumina (Medium Chromium)
GritAl2O3 (%)Cr2O3(%)Na2O (%)Fe2O3 (%)
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    Quality Control

RUISHI ensures the quality of white fused alumina (WFA) through rigorous testing procedures such as Laser Diffraction Analysis and X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) Analysis. We maintain consistent product standards using Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) methods. Detailed digital records are diligently maintained, including test results, manufacturing dates, deviations, and corrective actions. Committed to upholding OSHA safety regulations, RUISHI strives to further enhance quality by investing in advanced technology and forging strategic partnerships with raw material suppliers.

Certificates Obtained

1SO 9001:2015
1SO 9001:2015
REACH Registration Certificate
REACH Registration Certificate
Management System Certification
Management System Certification
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    Applications for Pink Fused Alumina

• Pink Fused Alumina is a highly versatile and widely used material for various industries, owing to its impressive properties.
• It is an ideal material for precision component manufacturing due to its high precision grinding, low friability, and excellent thermal stability.
• It is also used in the production of refractory materials, owing to its high-temperature resistance and low thermal expansion.
• In construction, it forms strong concrete structures due to its hardness and durability.
• In aerospace and defense industries, it protects aircraft components and ballistic armor due to its high strength, fracture toughness, and wear resistance.
• Finally, it’s used in the production of grinding wheels and other abrasives for its hardness and strength.

Applications for Pink Fused Alumina
Why Choose Our Pink Fused Alumina
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    Why Choose Our Pink Fused Alumina

• Exceptional Hardness: Our Pink Fused Alumina has a Mohs hardness of 9 and a Knoop hardness of 2200-2300. This makes it one of the hardest abrasive materials available in the market.
• Excellent Abrasion Resistance: It can withstand high pressure and temperature, ensuring greater efficiency and productivity.
• High Purity: Our Pink Fused Alumina is manufactured from carefully selected high-quality raw materials, ensuring high levels of purity.
• Superior Toughness: Our Pink Fused Alumina has a unique microcrystalline structure that enhances its toughness and durability. It can resist cracking and chipping, ensuring longer product life.
• Versatility: Our Pink Fused Alumina is suitable for a wide range of applications, including surface preparation, grinding, cutting, polishing, and blasting.

Related Product Recommendation

High-Quality Pink Fused Alumina Abrasive for Aluminum Blasting

Pink Fused Alumina is a high-end abrasive made from bauxite, characterized by its unique pink hue. It offers superior performance in aluminum blasting, as it effectively removes contaminants and coatings without causing damage or warping. Benefits include resistance to wear and corrosion, as well as a high thermal conductivity that allows it to withstand temperatures. This abrasive material is an ideal choice for both large-scale operators and small-scale fabricators seeking to achieve high-quality results.

What is Pink Fused Alumina?

What is Pink Fused Alumina?

Pink Fused Alumina Composition

Pink Fused Alumina, also known as Pink Aluminum Oxide, is produced through the fusion of high-quality alumina powder in an electric arc furnace at high temperatures. The primary chemical component is Al2O3, typically comprising 98.5-99% of the total. Minor constituents often include Cr2O3 (0.2-0.4%) and Na2O (0.25-0.35%), which contribute to the abrasive’s distinctive pink color and improved toughness compared to White Fused Alumina. The exact composition may vary depending on specific production processes and applications.

Properties of Pink Fused Alumina

Pink Fused Alumina exhibits several key properties that make it an ideal abrasive for various industrial applications:

  1. Hardness and Strength: Pink Fused Alumina is characterized by its high hardness, ranking just below the diamond on the Mohs scale. This makes it effective for heavy-duty grinding and high-intensity abrasive operations.
  2. Durability: It possesses excellent durability, with its toughness further enhanced by the addition of chromium oxide. This provides a longer service life and improved cost-effectiveness in various abrasive applications.
  3. Thermal Stability: Pink Fused Alumina demonstrates high thermal stability, resisting deformation and maintaining its abrasive properties even under high-temperature conditions.
  4. Low Magnetic Content: Its minimal magnetic content makes it ideal for applications where magnetic interference is a concern.
  5. Chemical Inertness: It is chemically inert, meaning it does not react easily with acids or alkalis, making it suitable for applications in corrosive environments.

Please note that these properties may vary slightly depending on the specific production process and intended application.

Applications of Pink Fused Alumina

Pink Fused Alumina is widely used in several industrial and engineering applications due to its unique properties:

  1. Abrasives: Owing to its hardness and durability, Pink Fused Alumina is commonly used as an abrasive in grinding wheels, sandpaper, blasting media, and cutting tools. This includes its use in both coated and bonded abrasives.
  2. Refractories: The high thermal stability of Pink Fused Alumina makes it an ideal material for refractory applications, such as the interior lining of furnaces, kilns, and reactors, where high-temperature resistance is essential.
  3. Ceramics: Pink Fused Alumina’s chemical inertness and low magnetic content make it a suitable material for the production of high-performance ceramics and composite materials.
  4. Surface Preparation: It is used in various surface preparation techniques, such as sandblasting, where it aids in cleaning and providing a suitable surface for painting, bonding, and other applications.
  5. Lapping and Polishing: Its hardness and toughness make Pink Fused Alumina an excellent choice for lapping and polishing processes, especially where high precision is required.

These applications take full advantage of Pink Fused Alumina’s superior properties and contribute significantly to various industrial sectors. They help enhance operational efficiency, product longevity, and overall cost-effectiveness.

Manufacturing Process of Pink Fused Alumina

The manufacturing process of Pink Fused Alumina is a complex procedure that involves several stages:

  1. Bauxite Mining: The process begins with the mining of bauxite, an aluminum-rich mineral found in the earth’s crust.
  2. Calcination: The bauxite is then calcinated at high temperatures to remove water and other volatile substances, resulting in anhydrous alumina.
  3. Fusion: The calcined alumina is mixed with chromium oxide and then fused in a high-temperature electric arc furnace. The fusion process forms a crystalline structure that gives Pink Fused Alumina its unique properties.
  4. Crushing & Sizing: After the cooling phase, the fused mass is crushed and sorted according to grain size. This can be customized to fit specific application requirements, from fine powders for polishing to large grains for cutting tools.
  5. Packaging & Distribution: The final product is packaged and distributed for use in various industrial applications.

This process leverages advanced technology and rigorous quality control measures to ensure the production of high-quality Pink Fused Alumina. Each stage is monitored carefully to ensure consistency, purity, and adherence to industry standards.

Benefits of Using Pink Fused Alumina

Pink Fused Alumina offers several benefits that make it a preferred choice in various industrial applications:

  1. Durability: Pink Fused Alumina is highly durable, making it ideal for long-term applications and reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  2. Hardness: Its exceptional hardness makes it a perfect material for applications that require high strength and resistance, such as abrasive cutting tools.
  3. Heat Resistance: It exhibits excellent heat resistance, which is crucial in applications exposed to high temperatures.
  4. Corrosion Resistance: Pink Fused Alumina is resistant to most forms of environmental and chemical corrosion, making it suitable for usage in harsh conditions.
  5. Versatility: It’s available in various grain sizes, allowing for its use in a wide range of applications, from polishing surfaces to grinding and cutting hard materials.

In conclusion, Pink Fused Alumina’s unique properties contribute significantly to its superior performance in various industrial applications. Its hardness, durability, heat, and corrosion resistance, and versatility make it a vital material in many sectors.

How is pink fused alumina used for abrasive purposes?

How is pink fused alumina used for abrasive purposes?

Grinding Applications of Pink Fused Alumina

Pink Fused Alumina is extensively used in grinding applications due to its impressive hardness and thermal properties. It is commonly employed in the fabrication of grinding wheels and coated abrasives, where it helps to maintain sharp cutting edges throughout extended periods of use. Its toughness allows it to be used in high-pressure grinding operations, such as creep-feed grinding. Additionally, Pink Fused Alumina’s high thermal stability makes it an ideal abrasive for precision grinding, where heat generation needs to be minimized to prevent distortion of the workpiece. Its wide array of available grain sizes further allows for its use in grinding applications of varying roughness requirements, from heavy-duty grinding to precision polishing.

Blasting with Pink Fused Alumina

Pink Fused Alumina is a widely used media for blasting applications due to its combination of hardness, toughness, and sharp, angular grains. It is used primarily for cleaning, descaling, etching, and surface preparation of parts and surfaces. Its superior cutting power allows for the effective removal of rust, paint, and other surface contaminants, leaving behind a clean and roughened surface ideal for coating adhesion. Furthermore, its corrosion resistance ensures that the abrasive material itself does not introduce impurities during the blasting process. The availability of Pink Fused Alumina in various grain sizes allows for customization of the process, delivering a range of surface finishes based on specific application requirements.

Suppliers and Sources for Pink Fused Alumina

Pink Fused Alumina can be sourced from a number of reputable suppliers worldwide. Manufacturers in Asia, particularly in China, are known for producing high-quality Pink Fused Alumina at competitive prices. Companies such as Zhengzhou Haixu Abrasives Co., Ltd and Henan Sicheng Abrasives Tech Co., Ltd are prominent players in this market. In the United States, suppliers such as Washington Mills and Great Lakes Minerals offer a wide range of Pink Fused Alumina products. European suppliers include Electro Abrasives in the UK and Treibacher Industrie AG in Austria. Before sourcing from any supplier, it is essential to verify the consistency and quality of their product, their delivery capabilities, and their adherence to environmental and safety regulations. For best results, consider requesting samples and conducting independent tests to verify product specifications and performance.

Comparison with Brown Fused Alumina

When compared to Pink Fused Alumina, Brown Fused Alumina possesses its own set of unique characteristics.

  1. Hardness: Brown Fused Alumina tends to have a lower hardness level than its pink counterpart. This results in its use in applications where a softer abrasive material is required.
  2. Cutting Efficiency: Pink Fused Alumina generally has a higher cutting efficiency due to its higher hardness. However, Brown Fused Alumina is often utilized in heavy-duty applications due to its toughness and durability.
  3. Thermal Properties: Brown Fused Alumina has excellent thermal properties, making it ideal for refractory applications.
  4. Cost: Brown Fused Alumina is typically less expensive than Pink Fused Alumina, which can make it a more cost-effective choice for certain applications.
  5. Applications: Brown Fused Alumina is often used for abrasive blasting, grinding, polishing, and refractory purposes. Pink Fused Alumina, with its superior cutting power, is commonly employed in precision applications such as microdermabrasion and high-end grinding wheels.

In conclusion, the choice between Brown and Pink Fused Alumina will depend on the specific requirements of the application in question.

Recommended Uses and Medium for Pink Fused Alumina

Pink Fused Alumina is highly recommended for use in precision applications. Its hardness and cutting efficiency make it an ideal abrasive for intricate processes that require high precision and minimal surface damage.

  1. Grinding Wheels: The outstanding hardness of Pink Fused Alumina makes it an excellent choice for high-performance grinding wheels and cutting discs. Its ability to maintain sharp cutting edges under high stress enhances the efficiency and accuracy of these tools.
  2. Microdermabrasion: In the cosmetic industry, Pink Fused Alumina is frequently used for microdermabrasion treatments. Its fine, sharp grains provide a gentle yet effective exfoliating medium, removing dead skin cells and stimulating the regeneration of new skin.
  3. High-End Polishing: Pink Fused Alumina is well-suited for polishing applications that demand high precision. It is commonly used to polish special optical glass, precision machinery, and high-grade alloy steel.
  4. Ceramic Products: Pink Fused Alumina is often used in the manufacture of high-grade refractory products and ceramic goods due to its excellent thermal properties and durability.

Considering the medium for Pink Fused Alumina, it is available in several different grit sizes, from coarse to very fine, allowing for its use in a wide range of applications. The choice of medium will depend on the specific requirements of the task at hand, with coarser grits suitable for heavy-duty applications and finer grits used for precision tasks.

What are the advantages of pink fused alumina over other abrasives?

What are the advantages of pink fused alumina over other abrasives?

Toughness and Hardness of Pink Fused Alumina

Pink Fused Alumina possesses a unique combination of toughness and hardness, setting it apart from other abrasive materials. Its exceptional hardness, characterized by a high Mohs rating, ensures longevity in abrasive applications, making it a cost-effective option in wear-intensive environments. Notably, this hardness does not compromise its toughness. The tough quality of Pink Fused Alumina allows it to withstand significant stress and resist fracturing, a critical attribute in high-pressure grinding and cutting operations. Therefore, its combined toughness and hardness make Pink Fused Alumina a superior choice for demanding industrial applications, offering exceptional performance, improved efficiency, and enhanced product lifespan.

Incorporation of Chromium Oxide in Pink Fused Alumina

The presence of Chromium Oxide in Pink Fused Alumina significantly enhances its performance characteristics. Chromium Oxide imparts a pink hue to the alumina, hence its name. More importantly, however, it increases the material’s toughness, making it less brittle and more resistant to fracturing. This ensures that Pink Fused Alumina maintains its abrasion properties for a longer period, thus improving its efficiency over time. Chromium Oxide incorporation also results in a harder and denser structure, enabling Pink Fused Alumina to withstand high-pressure applications. This unique combination of toughness, hardness, and durability makes Pink Fused Alumina an ideal abrasive material for a wide range of industrial applications.

Comparison with White Fused Alumina

While both Pink Fused Alumina and White Fused Alumina are widely used abrasive materials, there are several notable differences between them:

  1. Hardness: Although both are rated high on the Mohs scale, Pink Fused Alumina is slightly more robust due to Chromium Oxide’s addition, which results in a denser structure.
  2. Toughness: Pink Fused Alumina tends to be tougher than White Fused Alumina, making it more resistant to fracturing. This quality can be attributed to the Chromium Oxide present in Pink Fused Alumina.
  3. Durability: Given its superior toughness and hardness, Pink Fused Alumina maintains its abrasive properties for a longer period than White Fused Alumina, thereby delivering better efficiency over time.
  4. Application: Pink Fused Alumina’s enhanced toughness makes it suitable for high-pressure applications, while White Fused Alumina is typically used in less demanding circumstances.
  5. Color: As the names suggest, Pink Fused Alumina derives its pink color from Chromium Oxide, while White Fused Alumina is white due to the absence of any coloring additives.

Use in Cutting and Grinding Applications

Pink Fused Alumina, with its superior hardness and toughness, excels in cutting and grinding applications. In cutting operations, it provides a sharp and clean cut, minimizing material waste and enhancing the efficiency of the cutting process. Its toughness allows it to sustain the high-pressure environment of grinding applications, where it retains its abrasive properties for an extended period. This leads to a lowered need for replacement, thereby reducing operational downtime. Pink Fused Alumina is a preferred choice for industries such as metallurgy and construction, where high-precision cutting and durable grinding materials are required. Its superior performance in these demanding applications underscores its value as a high-grade abrasive material.

High Purity and High-Quality Characteristics

Pink Fused Alumina is well-known for its exceptional purity and superior quality. The manufacturing process involves a meticulous quality control system that ensures a high purity level, free from unwanted impurities. This high level of purity enhances its abrasive properties, making it more effective than other abrasive materials. Its quality is attributed to the strict manufacturing process, which includes high-temperature fusions and slow solidification, resulting in a product that is consistent in its granularity and toughness. The high-quality characteristics of Pink Fused Alumina, namely its hardness, toughness, and purity, render it an indispensable tool in various industrial applications where durability and precision are paramount.

Where to Find High-Quality Pink Fused Alumina?

Where to Find High-Quality Pink Fused Alumina?

High-quality Pink Fused Alumina can be sourced from leading suppliers and manufacturers who specialize in abrasive materials. These suppliers often provide detailed information about the purity and quality of their products, ensuring that the Pink Fused Alumina meets industry standards.

Leading Suppliers and Manufacturers of Pink Fused Alumina

There are several top-tier suppliers and manufacturers when it comes to Pink Fused Alumina. They have established a reputation for delivering consistently high-quality products with the desired toughness and granularity.

Properties to Look for in Pink Fused Alumina Suppliers

When seeking a Pink Fused Alumina supplier, consider elements like the consistency of the product, adherence to quality standards, and the supplier’s knowledge about the product’s applications. High-grade Pink Fused Alumina should have a consistent granular structure and purity, which can be verified by supplier-provided specifications or third-party lab testing.

Pink Fused Alumina for Ceramics and Refractory Use

Pink Fused Alumina is extensively used in the ceramics and refractory industry due to its exceptional hardness and high melting point. It’s an ideal ingredient in making refractory materials that can withstand high temperatures without losing structural integrity.

Non-Ferrous Metal Applications of Pink Fused Alumina

In non-ferrous metal applications, Pink Fused Alumina is highly prized for its cutting abilities. Its hardness and strength enhance the efficiency of cutting operations, making it a preferred tool for industries dealing with non-ferrous metals like aluminum and copper.

Uses in Bonded Abrasives and Polishing

Pink Fused Alumina’s superior hardness and fine granularity make it an excellent choice for bonded abrasives and polishing applications. It provides a highly effective abrasive action, resulting in a smooth and polished finish on the surface of the material.

How Does Pink Fused Alumina Compare with Other Aluminum Oxide Abrasives?

How Does Pink Fused Alumina Compare with Other Aluminum Oxide Abrasives?

Comparison with White Aluminum Oxide

White Aluminum Oxide and Pink Fused Alumina are both high-performance abrasives with some key differences:

  1. Hardness: While both materials are hard and suitable for abrasive applications, Pink Fused Alumina has a higher hardness level, making it an ideal choice for heavy-duty industrial applications.
  2. Durability: Due to its high toughness, Pink Fused Alumina tends to be more durable than White Aluminum Oxide, withstanding repeated and prolonged use without significant degradation.
  3. Cutting Efficiency: Pink Fused Alumina provides exceptional cutting capabilities, particularly for non-ferrous metals. Although White Aluminum Oxide also offers good cutting performance, Pink Fused Alumina’s higher toughness and hardness give it an edge in this area.
  4. Cost: Generally, White Aluminum Oxide is more cost-effective than Pink Fused Alumina. However, the latter’s superior durability and performance can lead to longer-term cost savings in many scenarios.
  5. Application Suitability: While both types can be used in a variety of applications, the hardness and toughness of Pink Fused Alumina make it preferable for heavy-duty uses like bonded abrasives, high-end polishing, and non-ferrous metalworking. White Aluminum Oxide, on the other hand, is often selected for lighter applications and where cost-effectiveness is a priority.

Beneficial Chemical Composition of Pink Fused Alumina

Pink Fused Alumina is comprised of a beneficial chemical composition that contributes to its high performance:

  1. Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3): Typically, Pink Fused Alumina consists of over 98% Aluminum Oxide. This high concentration contributes to its hardness and makes it an excellent abrasive material.
  2. Chromium Oxide (Cr2O3): The presence of Chromium Oxide gives Pink Fused Alumina its distinctive pink color and increases its toughness, thereby enhancing its durability compared to White Aluminum Oxide.
  3. Trace Elements: Trace elements such as iron (Fe), silicon (Si), and titanium (Ti) are also present in minor quantities. Though present in small amounts, these elements can influence the abrasive properties of Pink Fused Alumina.

The specific percentages of these chemical compounds may vary based on the manufacturing process and intended application of the Pink Fused Alumina. However, the combination of these elements results in a high-quality abrasive with exceptional performance in various industrial applications.

Application in Sandblasting and Steel Processing

Pink Fused Alumina serves as a robust and effective abrasive in sandblasting and steel processing applications. In sandblasting, it provides a sharp, angular profile upon impact, effectively removing surface contaminants and preparing the material for subsequent processes. Its hardness and toughness make it significantly resistant to shattering, ensuring efficient and clean operation.

In steel processing, Pink Fused Alumina is utilized in the conditioning and treatment of metal surfaces. It’s capable of removing oxidation, scale, and other surface anomalies, improving the steel’s overall quality and enhancing its suitability for further processing. Moreover, due to its durability, it reduces the frequency of abrasive change-outs, thereby improving operational efficiency and reducing downtime.

In both applications, the unique chemical composition of Pink Fused Alumina, including its high Aluminum Oxide and Chromium Oxide content, contributes to its superior performance and durability.

Incorporation of Pink Fused Aluminum Oxide in Furnace Operations

In furnace operations, Pink Fused Alumina plays a number of critical roles due to its high melting point, chemical stability, and excellent thermal properties:

  1. Refractory Material: Pink Fused Alumina’s thermal robustness and resistance to high temperatures make it an ideal material for furnace linings. It can withstand intense heat while maintaining structural integrity, resulting in longer service life of the furnace.
  2. Slag Conditioning: It is used to condition furnace slag. Its chemical stability helps in controlling the slag’s chemical composition, promoting an efficient smelting process.
  3. Heat Retention: Its thermal properties contribute to heat retention within the furnace. This helps maintain consistent temperatures and improve energy efficiency.
  4. Abrasion Resistance: Pink Fused Alumina’s hardness provides excellent resistance against wear and tear induced by high-temperature operations, thereby prolonging furnace life.
  5. Chemical Reactivity: In certain processes, Pink Fused Alumina’s chemical reactivity can be utilized to induce specific chemical reactions that are beneficial for the operation.

All these factors contribute to Pink Fused Alumina’s importance in furnace operations, highlighting its versatile use within the industrial sector.

Friability and Toughness Compared with Other Alumina Abrasives

Compared to other alumina abrasives, Pink Fused Alumina exhibits distinct characteristics in terms of friability and toughness:

  1. White Fused Alumina: While it shares a high hardness level with Pink Fused Alumina, White Fused Alumina is more friable. This means it breaks down quicker under pressure, which can be a disadvantage in operations requiring longevity.
  2. Brown Fused Alumina: Brown Fused Alumina is less hard and more tough than Pink Fused Alumina. It is less likely to shatter upon impact, making it suitable for tasks requiring substantial material removal.
  3. Black Fused Alumina: Black Fused Alumina is a good balance between toughness and friability. It’s not as hard as Pink Fused Alumina, but it’s tougher, making it less likely to break down quickly.

In conclusion, Pink Fused Alumina proves to be superior due to its balance of friability and toughness, thereby providing excellent service life in industrial applications.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to Know More About Pink Fused Alumina , Get Onboard

A: Pink fused alumina is a high-quality aluminum oxide abrasive with chromium oxide added. It is recommended for medium abrasive applications due to its toughness and friability compared with white fused alumina.

Q: How does pink fused alumina compare with white fused alumina in terms of abrasiveness?

A: Pink fused alumina has higher toughness compared to white fused alumina, which makes it suitable for grinding hardened steels and alloys.

Q: What is the significance of chromium oxide in pink fused alumina?

A: The incorporation of chromium oxide (Cr2O3) into the Al2O3 crystal lattice produces the pink color and enhances the toughness of the grain.

Q: What are the main applications of pink fused alumina?

A: Pink fused alumina is used for grinding and abrasive tools, especially for high purity aluminum oxide and carbide materials.

Q: How is the color and grain size of pink fused alumina characterized?

A: Pink fused alumina is characterized by its pink color and suitable grain size for various abrasive applications.

Q: Where is pink fused alumina produced?

A: Pink fused alumina is produced in China with high-quality standards and precision in incorporating chromium oxide for optimal performance.

Q: How does the friability of pink fused alumina compare with white fused alumina?

A: Pink fused alumina exhibits higher friability compared with white fused alumina, providing more aggressive cutting and faster stock removal.

Q: What are the measuring tools that are most effective with pink fused alumina?

A: Pink fused alumina is most effective when used with measuring tools designed for precision and accuracy in abrasive processes.

Q: Can pink fused alumina be used for aluminum blasting?

A: Yes, pink fused alumina is recommended for aluminum blasting due to its high quality and effectiveness in surface preparation and finishing.

Q: What is the significance of adding chromium oxide to pink fused alumina?

A: The amount of chromium oxide added to pink fused alumina influences its performance, enhancing its durability and effectiveness in abrasive applications.

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